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The Mana Party provided its views in relation to each of the Animal Agenda items as follows:

  1. Animal Testing
    The party supports a ban on the testing of psychoactive substances on animals and wants to work towards New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to completely ban testing on animals.
  2. Tougher Sentences for animal cruelty
  3. The Link
    Supports a commitment to ending animal cruelty, child abuse and domestic violence. Mana does not agree that animals should be included as “protected persons” under the Domestic Violence Act as they are not legal persons and need their own specific legislative protections.
  4. Provide adequate shelter and high standards for transporting animals
  5. Commissioner for Animals
  6. Prohibiting forms of surgical mutilation which adversely affect animals
  7. Banning factory farming by 2017
    Supports. The party believes that the Animal Welfare Act needs to be significantly strengthened to enable farmed animals to display normal patterns of behaviour.
  8. Prohibiting painful devices such as shock collars and leg hold traps
    Supports banning painful devices made for use on animals.
  9. Banning the use of animals in entertainment
  10. Inserting a Declaration of Sentience into law
    Supports a Declaration of Sentience being inserted into the Animal Welfare Act but not to the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.