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Labour Party Animal Rights Spokesperson Trevor Mallard responded as follows to the ten points of the Animal Agenda:

  1. Animal Testing
    Prohibit the testing of party pills on animals and work towards an outright ban on testing on animals: Yes
  2. Sentencing
    Develop sentencing guidelines for animal cruelty offences and treat cruelty to animals as an aggravating factor under the Sentencing Act 2002: Yes
  3. The Link
    Recognise the link between animal cruelty, child abuse, and domestic violence: Yes; and include animals as "protected persons" under the Domestic Violence Act 1995: No
  4. Shelter & Transport
    Provide adequate shelter for all species of farmed animals and develop higher standards of stock transportation to ensure animal trauma is minimised: Yes
  5. Commissioner for Animals
    Appoint an independent Commissioner for Animals, modelled on those appointed to represent other vulnerable members of the community, such as children. The Commissioner will be an advocate for all animals - farm, companion and wild: No
  6. Surgical Mutilation
    Prohibit surgical procedures such as docking of dogs' tails, the shortening of cows' tails, de-barking, ear cropping, de-clawing, etc: Yes
  7. Intensive Farming
    Abolish all forms of intensive and battery farming practices, including sow stalls, farrowing crates, and battery cages, on or before January 1, 2017: Labour is likely to go further than these examples, but with a larger time scale for all intensive farming.
  8. Painful Devices
    Prohibit the sale, possession, or use of devices that inflict pain and suffering on animals, including electric shock collars, gin traps, electric prodders, fireworks, etc: Subject to a review.
  9. Animals in Entertainment
    Establish stringent regulations for the use of animals in entertainment, including racing. The use of animals in marine parks, rodeos and circuses should be banned: Yes, except for rodeos.
  10. Sentience
    Incorporate in the Animal Welfare Act and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act declarations that animals are sentient beings capable of feeling and have the right to quality of life and dignity: Yes to the Animal Welfare Act, No to the Bill of Rights Act.