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Green Party MP Mojo Mathers responded to say that the Greens had an animal welfare spokesperson and an animal welfare policy. The Greens' 2011 animal welfare policy can be downloaded from their website - welfare. The party will be taking the same animal welfare policy into the 2014 general election. The Greens responded as follows to the ten points of the Animal Agenda:

  1. Animal Testing
    the party supports a ban on animal testing of recreational drugs and cosmetics and believes alternatives to animal testing should be used wherever validated alternatives exist in order to reduce drastically the amount of animal testing with the ultimate aim of eliminating all cruel or painful animal test.
  2. Tougher Sentences for animal cruelty
  3. The Link
    Supports acknowledgement of the link between cruelty to animals and other violence.
  4. Provide adequate shelter and high standards for transporting animals
  5. Commissioner for Animals
  6. Prohibiting forms of surgical mutilation which adversely affect animals
  7. Banning factory farming by 2017
    Supports in part. The party supports phasing out intensive farming but believes that a five to eight year timeframe would be more achievable than a ban by 2017.
  8. Prohibiting painful devices such as shock collars and leg hold traps
    Supports in part. The party supports a ban on devices such as electric shock collars. It would use education in relation to chaining of dogs and is working on a policy relating to fireworks.
  9. Banning the use of animals in entertainment
  10. Inserting a Declaration of Sentience into law