#8 Painful Devices

Eight - Prohibit the sale, possession or use of devices that inflict pain and suffering on animals, including electric shock collars, gin traps and other leg-hold devices, dog chains, electronic prodders and fireworks.
The possession, sale and use of electric shock collars for dogs should be banned in New Zealand. These devices are freely available and are sold online, with no requirement for information or training to be provided to purchasers. Dog electric shock collars cause immense physical pain to dogs and their long-term use can result in psychological problems. The importation, sale and use of gin traps and leg-hold devices should be prohibited. Serrated gin traps are already banned but are often available on the open market. All of these devices are extremely cruel and should be banned. Many dogs in New Zealand are confined for lengthy periods - and sometimes permanently - on chains. This is extremely cruel and should be banned. Dogs must be able to range in appropriately-large spaces at all times.