#1 Animal Testing

One - Ban testing of party pills on animals and work towards New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to ban all testing on animals.
Dogs should not have to die so humans can get high. There is no need to test psychoactive substances on animals. There are ample alternatives, including in vitro cell culture, in silico computer simulation, use of human skin for irritancy tests, use of donated human blood for pyrogenicity studies and microdosing. The Government decided in 2014 that party pills should not be tested on animals. Now it should work towards banning all testing on animals as soon as possible. This country should aim to be the first nation in the world to do this and to set a standard for others to follow. More than 300,000 animals are used in experiments in New Zealand every year. Many of them suffer immense pain and sometimes more than half of them die. Animals used in this way include dogs, cats, mice, pigs, guinea pigs and sheep. Animal tests are extremely unreliable in predicting what will occur when substances are used on humans. The tests are cruel to animals and dangerous to humans.